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Building Division
 Browns Construction Contact Information
730 Industrial Ave.
Bedford, VA  24523
(540) 586-9141
Fax (540) 586-3869

Jerry Brown, Founder
Jerry founded the company in 1971. Working out of his home the first  year he was able to move the company to a small office in 1972, where he stayed until 1990. By 1990 we had grown enough to require a new facility.  So, Jerry constructed a new building at 730 Industrial Ave.  Sadly, Jerry passed away suddenly in January of 2012.  He is greatly missed.
Larry Brown, President and General Manager
Larry has been with the company since 1978. He started out running one of the construction crews until 1997. At this time we had enough demand for a retail sales division.  So, Larry came into the office to run this division of  Brown's now located at 730 Industrial Ave.  Stepping into his brother's shoes he is now the President and General Manager of the company.



Telephone No.


Larry Brown President 540-586-0005
Debra Curry Retail Sales  540-586-0005

  Retail Division
730 Industrial Ave.
Bedford, VA  24523
(540) 586-0005
Fax (540) 586-3869

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